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About Us

We are an award-winning collective
where imagination, innovation and efficiency meet
to bring your needs and ideas to fruition.

The Elder Tree stems from ancient mythology; a mighty tree stretching through time and space, embarking wisdom and knowledge across a beautiful network of branches and roots. Similarly, Elder Tree Higher Education combines function and form to create that same vastness of infinite possibilities, connecting educational institutions to students and affording them both the opportunity to thrive and grow - increasing enrollment and engagement which in turns allows them to offer more programs and services.

Like the many parts of a tree, we are an eclectic team of creative individuals dedicated to meeting the needs of our clients. We believe in connectivity and in using our diverse skillset to find solutions for our clients in a way that only we can.

We are Elder Tree Higher Education.

Elder Tree Higher Education Team

Photo of Angel Rivera
Angel Rivera
Vice President of Higher Education Group
Photo of Kristen Blake
Kristen Blake
Director of Client Partnerships
Photo of Audrey Kamper
Audrey Kamper
Client Success Manager
Photo of Holly Kranz
Holli Kranz
Operations Manager
Photo of Arash Baboo
Arash Baboo
Digital & Social Media Manager
Photo of Hector Venegas
Hector Venegas
Strategy & Media Manager
Photo of Arbi Hosapian
Arbi Hosapian
Senior Graphic Designer
Photo of Kevin Yang
Kevin Yang
Photography & Video Producer
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